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To protect your own interests please read the conditions carefully. If you are uncertain as to your rights under them or you want explanation about them, please write or telephone us at the address and telephone number shown on the first page of this letter.

  1. Within these terms and conditions, The company is called 'the company', and the person signing as purchaser together with any person, company, organisation or other body with or on behalf of whom such signature is given is referred to as 'the customer'. The person carrying out the installation is referred to as ‘the Fitter’. The Kitchen & Makeover Company does not employ fitters directly, they have a list of installers known to them, and will pass on the Customers’ details to the fitter whom they deem most suitable for the work required, and from that point forward the fitter and customer deal directly with one another in regards to the installation as a separate contract. There is no obligation on the part of the Customer to use the fitter suggested by the Company, and it should be noted that the contract with the Company is for supply only.
  2. The type, specification and arrangement of each and every item of material used in the product and installation shall be as determined by the company. If, for any reason beyond the company’s reasonable control, they are unable to supply a particular item of furniture or a particular appliance, the company will notify the Customer. With the agreement of the Customer, the company will replace it with an item of superior standard and value
  3. Natural wood is used in some of our kitchens and bedrooms. As a natural material wood reflects the endless variety of grains and textures found in nature and such variances can be expected. All timber products will mellow under exposure to natural light over a period of time. PVC laminates and melamine finishes are also subject to slight colour changes over the years. Unless specified, any reference made to wood or timber whether solid or veneered refers to door and drawerfronts only.
  4. Solid wood and granite worksurfaces are natural products, and colours, patterns and grains may vary slightly from the samples in the showroom. These variances are acceptable tolerances and cannot be used to reject the said surface after supply to the customer.
  5. Laminate worktops with a textured finish give excellent wear and scratch resistance, also colour fastness and heat resistance up to 180 degrees centigrade. The company cannot be responsible for burn marks caused by items in excess of this temperature. Worktop mitred butt joints are sealed as far as possible, but should not be subjected to excessive heat or water, as this could cause swelling of the joint. We recommend the use of a chopping board when cutting.
  6. The Company will do all it reasonably can to meet dates given for delivery. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the company, the company will contact the Customer and agree an alternative date.
  7. The Company is not responsible for the condition or suitability of the customer's premises for the purpose of the installation of the furniture. It is the customer's responsibility at all times to determine that the structure of the premises, also the supply of mains gas, electric and water services to the premises are suitable for the intended installation, and comply with current legislation where necessary.
  8. The Company takes all reasonable care to foresee any remedial work required when they make their original visit to measure up, and based upon this a cost allowance is presented to the customer within the overview sheet(s) prepared by the Company. The Company will take into account everything which is brought to their attention regarding the installation, when preparing their costings, but any additional work required by the Customer eg. Electrical work, needs to be discussed between the Customer and the fitter. Unless otherwise detailed specifically in writing, the Company will suggest an installer to the customer and pass on the customer’s details, but the actual contract for the installation is directly between the Customer and either the suggested fitter or the customer’s own fitter. Should it become apparent either at the time of the detailed site survey undertaken by the fitter or during installation that extra work is required either to facilitate the installation or to comply with current legislation then the fitter will discuss this with the customer and agree further action and if necessary any additional costs to be incurred.

The customer can elect to use their own contractors to do this remedial work, but should the customer request that the work is not carried out, against advice from the fitter, then a disclaimer must be signed, waiving the fitter and the Company of any responsibility. Should this course of action not conform to current legislation (e.g. in the case of gas or electrical work required) then the fitter will not be able to continue the installation until a registered contractor has completed the work.

  1. The customer agrees to provide free use of any necessary services, already available at the property, for the purposes of carrying out the installation.
  2. Unless detailed in writing, the payment of a deposit by the customer constitutes a contract for the Company to supply the furniture and/or makeover components together with appliances, flooring etc. as detailed within the overview sheet prepared by the Company. The exact amount to be agreed in writing between the company and the customer, and until this deposit is paid the orders will not be released, nor will any plans or measurements be given to the customer unless agreed in writing by the company. The customer may cancel this agreement without penalty within seven days following payment of the deposit, which constitutes an agreement to purchase from the company. If the customer requests cancellation at a later date then, unless the company are in breach of contract, they have the right to retain all or part of the deposit as a contribution towards any losses or costs suffered as a result of the cancellation.
  3. Payment of the balance due must be paid seven days before delivery of the furniture and/or appliances, unless a later date is agreed in writing between the customer and the company. Such payment may be made by means of cash, building society draft cheque, a bank draft, cheque or credit card.

Failure to comply with the payment of the balance on the due date will invalidate the guarantee and entitle the company to charge interest on the balance outstanding at the rate of 3% compound interest above Bank of England base rate.

The furniture and appliances and all parts therein shall remain the sole property of the company unless and until the full purchase price has been paid.

  1. This contract is accepted by the company subject to the fitter's confirmatory report and final confirmatory costing. The company reserves the right to withdraw from this contract if after survey and/or re-costing the installation, whether for commercial or structural reasons or otherwise, the installation shall be deemed by the company to be impracticable. In instances such as this, the company will provide a written explanation of the adverse conditions encountered and the Customer will be given the opportunity to remedy the situation. If applicable, in the case of the customers using their own installation team, if a signed letter is received accepting the issues have been drawn to the customer’s attention and absolving the company of any on-going issues, the Company will continue with the contract on this basis.
  2. Should the customer elect to arrange the fitting of their furniture and/or appliances themselves, the company can take no responsibility for any shortages on the delivery unless this is pointed out in writing at the time of the delivery on the delivery note, together with any visible damage. Any goods signed for as unchecked must be checked as soon as possible by the customer and/or their representative and any damages notified to the company as soon as possible and within 5 days of receipt of the delivery. If any shortages or damages are not brought to the attention of the company within this period, no responsibility will be accepted, unless agreed specifically in writing by the company that a longer period of time is allowed.
  3. All contracts are for supply only, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm that all details pertaining to sizes are correct and if they are not qualified to do this then their chosen fitters must confirm on their behalf. In the case of the customers using the fitter suggested by the Company, the fitter will liaise directly with the Company and no further action will be required by the customer. No responsibility can be accepted if either the Customer or their fitter has not liaised with the Company.
  4. The customer will provide access to the premises at which the furniture and/or makeover is to be installed at reasonable times for the purposes of carrying out the installation. In the event of the fitter being denied access at any time, this will invalidate any agreed time schedules and the company reserves the right to charge on to the customer a reasonable administration cost which fairly reflects any costs incurred by them.
  5. In the event of the customer using their own fitters, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm that whoever carries out the installation is qualified to do so. The company can offer advice pertaining to all aspects of installation, but the final responsibility lies with the customer and their fitters to ensure that the installation is completed satisfactorily. The company can accept no responsibility if the installation is incorrectly completed. For contracts where the customer has originally elected not to use the company’s suggested fitter for the installation, but subsequently changes their mind after they have started the installation at any stage, the recommended fitter will reserve the right to either re-cost the fitting charge taking into account any work which has already been done or to decline to complete the installation if they feel that the work already carried out is not of a sufficiently high standard for the finished installation to be completely satisfactory.
  6. This agreement does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. The goods we supply must match the description we gave them, be of satisfactory quality and be fit for their purpose. Work should be carried out to a reasonable standard. You should contact your local authority Trading Standards Service or Citizens Advice Bureau if you need any more information about your statutory rights.

Great choice of kitchens and sensible pricing

We have worked with Mark over a number of years now. We give our customers Mark’s details to work with them on designing and installing their kitchens because our customers like Mark’s designs, the choice of kitchens and sensible pricing. From our point of view, we can be confident that Mark will do a good job so we can get on with doing ours. Mark has just done my kitchen at home, that also looks great. Thanks Mark!


Honest and passionate about his design suggestions

I first used Mark to design the kitchens on a project that I was the architect and project manager for. I then chose to work with Mark again when I wanted to change my kitchen at home because I found he added value to my own thoughts and was both honest and passionate about his design suggestions.

Bob + Joan,

Everything we could have hoped for

We worked with Mark + Lisa earlier in the year when they helped us with making over our kitchen. We went back to Mark to design our second kitchen which is absolutely beautiful. It’s modern and stylish – everything we could have hoped for.

Mike & Judy,

Beautifully creative ideas

I was recommended to talk with Mark about designing our new kitchen as he has good creative ideas and we wanted a modern contemporary kitchen to go into our new extension. Mark created a lovely design that we are both very happy with.


A breath of fresh air

I just wanted to e.mail you to say how lovely my new kitchen doors look! It is a breath of fresh air each morning when I go to make a cup of tea the space seems so much larger. The fitter did a brilliant job and the whole refurb ran very smoothly. Many thanks once again.

Jan Taylor,

The difference is amazing

A huge thank you for all your design work and patience in giving me such a beautiful kitchen! The difference is amazing. The sunshine streams in and it looks twice the size it was. What a gem Perry is! He never stopped from 7.30am only if I made him a coffee. And so tidy! I have taken some ‘before and after’ pictures and will get you some copies and I don’t mind anyone coming to see it as a recommendation.

Pauline Dunton,

Fitted beautifully in just a week

We want to say thank you for designing, supplying and installing our lovely new kitchen. All the bespoke cupboards and work surfaces were fitted beautifully in just a week with minimum disruption and mess. We would have no hesitation in recommending your excellent services.

Brian & Vera,

Exactly what you had promised and more

We would like to say a big “thank you” for all the help and advice you gave us to select and have fitted our new kitchen doors, drawers and worktops. The makeover itself was exactly what you had promised and more. Perry did a brilliant job - a truly excellent fitter with an eye for detail. We would not hesitate in recommending him to others. Thank you again.

Diana & Brian,

The colours look great

Just a quick thanks for my lovely bedroom and en-suite makeover. The colours look great! You almost feel part of the family now, having done my kitchen makeover, my mum’s kitchen makeover, my sister’s bedroom makeover and now my bedroom and en-suite. Thanks again.

Val Thorne,

We couldn't be happier

The kitchen looks amazing! The tiler is coming in 2 weeks or so (Perry gave us his number) so I'll send you a picture when it's complete. We couldn't be happier and already are beginning to forget the old one.

Nicki, Pancroft,

A big thank you to you all

The kitchen looks great, just like new now and we are really pleased with how it has turned out. All we can say is a big thank you to you all, especially Perry who is a top class guy and fitter.

Dean and Lesley,

Absolutely delighted

It is BRILLIANT !! I am absolutely delighted with my new doors - thank you. Thank you also to Perry & to the delivery man who were both very professional. I shall be back in touch at some point next year for a kitchen makeover.


It has given the kitchen a whole new lease of life

We absolutely love it! It looks great, it has given the kitchen a whole new lease of life. Both you, Mark and Perry have been fantastic at every stage of the process. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of doing the same.


Excellent quality throughout

Many thanks for the great job you did making over my kitchen. The quality of the doors and worktop are excellent, much like the customer service which is rare these days. And it didn't cost the earth either!


We are over the moon

We are over the moon. I am so pleased with the end product, it looks like a brand new kitchen. It’s truly amazing. Perry was excellent, so professional. Thank you.


The service from initial selection and design was excellent

The 'make over' for our bedroom transformed the room. The wonderful high gloss doors have provided a very modern and luxury look. Mark took time to help us with finishing touches and supplied us with beautiful crystal and Chrome handles. The service from initial selection and design was excellent. We had some bespoke cabinets made and the fitting was to the highest standard.


The whole process was so professional and we were kept informed on each step of the fitting

From speaking to the lovely Mark who gave us advice on the style of doors and colour, to the equally lovely Perry who was our fitter, the whole process was so professional and we were kept informed on each step of the fitting, we are over the moon with the transformation. We would most definitely recommend you.


Impressed with the service, quality & price we received

We were really impressed with the service, quality & price we received. The new doors have transformed our bedroom at a fraction of the cost of new built in wardrobes. Thank you very much. We have recommended you to neighbours who are also going ahead for their bedroom.

Adam + Jane,

The best decision and purchase I have ever made!

I am so pleased with the furniture and fitting, a complete transformation! Every time I go into the bedroom and see the wardrobes etc. I think it's the best decision and purchase I have ever made! Thank you team.

Len + Delia,

Everything is just perfect

The kitchen makeover really is lovely and I am delighted with the outcome. Everything is just perfect, from the colour of the doors to the final choice of worktop to the new units and breakfast bar. The cargo bin is such a winner in every way and I am loving my granite sink top and the hot water tap! Perry was a pleasure to have as a fitter and he certainly showed all the professional qualities you had told me had, as well as being a really lovely person. Overall it is a true transformation and you and Mark have provided me with a dream space. I must thank you for the time and care you took to get things right, especially the worktop, which I believe Perry’s wife is now wanting! I am so pleased I found you!


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